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  • Great skins - easy to use

    I am really happy to see you here "back in action". Your skins are really great and professional looking. But further than that, they are really easy to use and customize. You did really great job with them.

    Your support is also really, really great. Thanks for all!

  • Beautiful, Functional, Simple

    I have bought and used the Infinite, Uniform, and Fusion styles from XenFocus. All three of which were delivered almost instantaneously after purchase. To say the least they are some of the most simple, intricate and honestly beautiful styles in existence. Point being the design is impeccable, the styles are responsive, and they are all without any doubt functional.

  • Awesome designs

    Xenfocus has been spitting out some awesome designs, nicely coded as well! Great customer support! Thanks Xenfocus!

  • Great skin and support

    First thing I wanted to say is that the skins are top-notch. They offer plenty of eye-candy, simplicity, and still leave room for you to be innovative to make your forum your own.

    The updates are extremely quick. The last two XenForo upgrades were both answered quickly and an upgrade download was made quicker than I expected.

    The support has been the best experience at XenFocus by far. Ehren offers quick support and I've never had to wait longer than 24 hours for a response.

    All in all, great service. One of the best for the XenForo communities today. Keep it up. I will definitely be recommending to all I know.

  • Awesome work ethics

    These guys seem very professional and I really look forward to the business I do with them. I will post up more when we are done with the current modification to show you their awesome work.

  • Great looks and fast service!

    Best skin I have seen yet for xenforo great job guys!

    Also speedy support, I had my skin within minutes of my purchase!

    I recommend this site for all.

  • XenFocus has what other sites don't have, the cherry on the cake :)

    If you're thinking of buying a XenFocus style and you're hesitant, just stop hesitating and buy the style you want.

    The styles are amazing, I love their whole site and I also love their xF styles! I'm using Uniform and well they even gave me a custom logo with it.

    XenFocus Team, keep up the good work!

  • Loving it so far

    Just installed Novus. Very easy. Got an email, opened the link, downloaded the theme, then uploaded using FTP, imported the xml file in the Admin CP, and voila!

  • Best skins!

    XenFocus has the best quality skins ever! Loving them! :D Unfortunately, I haven't got a chance to enjoy a custom skin by XenFocus.

  • The best of the best

    XenFocus only got a few Xenforo skins, but they are absolutely the best out there in my opinion. I am a proud owner of the Animate skin and i really do enjoy it! XenFocus bring you the whole package; Amazing skins, Good and friendly support, Frendly community. I don't know what more to ask for. Much love to the whole team!