"AMAZING" in every sense of the word!


(y)(y)(y)(y)(y) LOVE the Uniform Pro style! And Xenfocus' support is fantastic!

Coming from Xenforo 1.5 to 2.1 was an important step for us, and we hoped to stick as close as we could to the features we offered on Xen 1.5, which we polished over the past 4 years.

Frankly, Ehren and his team have exceeded my expectations, I love all the features, the Light and Dark toggle switch was a deciding factor, the grid layout is very stylish and also helpful for a different presentation, and our members really like the flexibility Uniform Pro offers for them to customize the look and feel by themselves.

"Shopping" for a style for a Xenforo forum can be fun. You can imagine the final result and decide that's what you really want. "FINDING" the right style, though, that's not as simple. But you usually don't realize that until after the purchase, when you start customizing and branding the style. A well-built style will allow enough room for creativity. I'm happy to report that there is no disappointment with Xenfocus!!

And the support has been just AWESOME, which is what you need when venturing into the land of Xen 2.1 for the first time. Efficient support is essential to navigate adjustments and customization your client requires, and it makes the forum look and function great, and it helps keep the code clean (!). (Bringing back answers and solutions also makes you look good in front of your client. ;) )

I highly recommend Xenfocus's styles and team! Thanks again Ehren for everything!


Andre Lefebvre
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