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The themes look really nice, but I find the mobile appeal quite lacking and the waste of space seems significant. Depending on configurability, perhaps it can be made better? Thus, a few questions:

1. How configurable are the themes, from their demo examples? Each theme has its 'Theme Features' page, but where/how can I understand how much deeper configuration is possible? For example (one of many) I do not like the social icons/buttons in mobile view, is there configuration options to move these elsewhere and/or turn them off etc.?
2. Is there login credentials for the demos? To experience as a logged in user?
3. Are there any example/showcase sites listing, using these themes? Perhaps that will show me how configurable they are.
4. Is there an admin demo available?



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Hi Mouth,

Welcome to xenfocus.

1: There is only one example of each theme configuration on the demo board. The theme pages should give a basic overview of what is possible but if you have any further questions about modifying the theme, just let me know and I’ll be happy to help. To answer your first question, yes - it’s possible to remove the social icons on mobiles.

2 & 4: There are no login details available, sorry about that. They did exist at one stage however due to spam posts (and people attempting to change passwords constantly), they were disabled.

3: I purposely keep customer sites private as it’s personal information, however you can view the Customer Showcase forum if you would like to see any further examples :)

I hope that helps!
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