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hello i would like to know why i do not have access to this topic ( https://xenfocus.com/community/threads/need-move-navigation-to-under-logo.35766/#post-44584 )
do I have to subscribe or buy the theme again? If and that doesn't make sense for this practice you are practicing because the topic is just a simple help, among the members there are even topics that I can't even enter and I created them.
it doesn't make any sense now that i was going to buy 2 more themes and renew the license of my current theme i come across this.
Good luck with these practices of don't take me anymore, because i don't like greedy people. Anything you say will not be valid for me, thank you and goodbye.
You can ban me or even delete the account because I'm not going to come back, nor will I recommend this forum, I have a friend who wanted a theme here I'll tell you not to buy it because because of these practices.



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Hi Luis,

Firstly, I appreciate the feedback, so thank you.

This suggestion has been brought up a few times in the past. To quickly explain why this happens: the payment system which is used on this site upgrades users to Customer status when they purchase a theme (including when a theme is renewed). It unfortunately does not have a feature which keeps users in the Customer group once their subscription has expired, which is why you're currently unable to access the customer area. Removing permission for ex-customers certainly isn't done intentionally out of greed, it's simply a limitation with the addon I use.

With that said, this doesn't mean there aren't exceptions. If you need to refer to a topic in the customer forum, you can simply reach out and ask. I'd be happy to either send you the topic, or manually upgrade your account to Customer status so you could view it yourself.

I have no intentions of banning or deleting your account as you have mentioned as I'm always happy to have anyone be a part of this site, but I wish you the best of luck with your forum in the future.