Frequently Asked Questions

  • Basics

  • What is xenfocus?
    Xenfocus sells high quality styles for xenforo sites.
  • What is xenforo and what are styles?
    Xenforo is web software which allows you to create online communities or forums. Styles, also known as themes, templates or skins, simply alter the design of your xenforo site.
  • Requirements & Installation

  • What do I need before using these styles?
    You simply need a Xenforo 2.x site, that's all! These styles are only compatible with Xenforo 2.x, so they will not work on Xenforo 1.x.
  • How do I install a style?
    Once you have setup your xenforo site and purchased a style, follow these instructions to learn how to install your style!
  • Purchasing & Refunds

  • How do I purchase styles from this site?
    Once you have found a style you like, click the green "Download" button and you will be taken to the checkout page. A xenfocus account is required to purchase themes. If you are a visitor, you'll be prompted to created an account during checkout.
  • How much do themes cost?
    The XenForo themes on this site start from $30.00 USD, which provides 6 months access to theme updates and support. An optional $10.00 renewal fee every 6 months after that provides access to support and updates. "Pro" styles are discounted bundles of light and dark themes and are priced at $49.00 USD with a $15 renewal fee every 6 months.
  • What happens once my subscription expires?
    Once your subscription expires, your forum account will be returned to the "Member" user group. You may continue using your theme on your forum, however you will not have access to support or theme updates unless your subscription is renewed.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    Themes can be purchased using PayPal, your credit card or Apple Pay (powered by Stripe).
  • How long will it take before I can get the files?
    Styles can be downloaded from the Client Area immediately after your payment has been made. Your xenfocus account will automatically be upgraded to Customer status, providing access to the Customer category on the forums.
  • Can I get a refund or exchange my theme?
    Since the themes are digital items and can't physically be returned, refunds or exchanges are unfortunately unavailable. Before purchasing, please make sure you have chosen the correct theme and make sure it is compatible with your version of XenForo.